HiKu7 & BiHiKu7
August 17

BiHiKu7 are high power and high efficiency bifacial modules providing up to 660 W of power, the highest wattage level in the market. They were designed specifically to reduce the LCOE for solar plants and set the stage for global grid parity. In this webinar we will introduce you to the latest developments in this new technology, review the advantages of the BiHiKu7 and provide technical details on LCOE calculations. BiHiKu7 modules are compatible with mainstream trackers. You will see typical utility-scale projects on trackers that benefit from 210mm cells modules and review design considerations that are affected by the 210mm module size. You will get an unprecedented insight in the system cost calculation for the product that will soon hit the US & Canadian markets. Join us on August 17 at 10:00 PST.